Renting a Property


Tenants Guide

Moving house can be a stressful experience but here at Kent Sales and Lettings we care about our applicants, we are here to assist you in finding your perfect property and to ensure that the moving process goes as smooth as possible.

We have a large portfolio of properties to let throughout Southeast Kent, the areas we manage and rent houses and flats in, include the towns of Dover, Hythe, Folkestone, Hawkinge, Capel, St Margaret’s, Deal, Sandwich, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate, Birchington, Canterbury, Medway area, Maidstone, Harrietsham, Tunbridge Wells and Chatham. surrounding areas. Why not search our website for our available properties or alternatively you can either call the office, or pop in for a consultation to speak to one of our lettings advisers who have extensive knowledge of the local lettings market.


Finding a property with Kent Sales and Lettings
Once you have found the property of your choice, you will then be required to complete an application form which will allow for your referencing to be completed.


The Deposit
Most properties will require a full months deposit.


The Rent Payments
Rent is payable one month in advance,


The Tenancy Agreement
Will need to be signed before the keys are given out.


Checking Into the Property
We agree a mutually convenient time for this process.


You are responsible for insuring the contents you take into the house.


The tenant is responsible for paying services such as gas, electricity, water, sewage, council tax etc.


Property Visits

Property visits occur mid-term during your tenancy.


Terminating the Tenancy
You will be required to give one months .


Checking Out of the Property
At check-out we will check the property against the inventory.


Housing Benefit
We do not have a specific policy regarding tenants who require Housing Benefit. However, if Housing Benefit is accepted by a Landlord, rent will be required to be paid monthly by standing order. Tenants who require Housing Benefit will need to have a Guarantor in place to secure a property.The guarantor would need to earn 3 times the yearly rent, for example yearly rent £5000 then the guarantor would need to earn £15000 per annum 

The process to your new home:



As in line with the Tenant Fees Act 2019 tenants can no longer be charged to reference. However, you will still be referenced as part of your application. This process is carried out by Let Alliance. As part of this reference process you will be checked on several criteria as follows:


  1. Credit Score: The application form clearly states whether you have any adverse credit or CCJs/IVA. This must be filled in as part of your application. Landlord insurance policies can require that there is no adverse credit inclusive of CCJs, IVA and Bankruptcies. By signing the reference form, you are consenting and assuming responsibility to the information being correct, should during referencing process adverse credit is found you will forfeit any holding deposit.
  2. Workplace reference: Let Alliance will contact your employer for a workplace reference this will include your guaranteed Salary without any overtime or commission. Any probation periods. Again, any discrepancy between your signed form and your reference will risk you losing your holding deposit and the property
  3. Residency: This will include a landlord reference. This will include Rent (how much and if they have been any problems pay it) time at the property, when you are free to leave, and importantly would they rent to you again. Again, if you fail to pass this you are at risk of losing your holding deposit and the property.


Holding Deposit

Once you have been successfully chosen for a property by the landlord you will be required to pay a week’s deposit on the property before referencing commences. This secures the property for you and it will be removed from further marketing. This deposit on completion of a successful reference will be set against the remainder of the deposit due before moving in. Should you wish to pull out of the process you can do with a minimum of 7 days written notice (written or email, not text) before you are due to move in. After this period, you will forfeit your deposit. If the landlord wishes to remove the property from the market you receive in full your holding deposit back. You may also lose you deposit for providing false information on your refencing form.




Why not take a look at our current rental properties, or even register your details with us so that we can contact you as soon as new properties become available.


Emergency Contact:


Please note that an emergency is deemed as fire, uncontrollable flooding, building damage where the property is unihabitable etc. Heating and Boilers are required to be looked at within 24hrs of reporting. This will always been done during trading hours and will not form part of an out of hours service.